Water Conservation Tips

Why Conserve?

So why has water conservation been such a hot topic over the last decade or more? After all, we live in Western Washington. Everyone knows that we get plenty of rain!

Well, here are just a few of the many reasons:

  • Our population is growing... more homes and more people mean higher water demands.
  • And growing... more and more areas are becoming paved, such as new driveways, concrete sport courts, roads, and parking lots. These areas used to allow rainwater back down into the ground for recharging the aquifers. Now instead of being absorbed, the water runs off, starving the aquifers. This also creates more storm water for systems to handle.
  • The increased demand on our aquifers... can put a strain on these water sources. Over-pumping may cause water quality deterioration and (in this area) eventually salt-water contamination. The aquifer is then unusable for generations, if at all. Sometimes costly treatment can save an aquifer.
  • Other species are affected, too... we aren't the only ones who need water to survive! We need to monitor and control the water we take from surface sources, because much of the water that keeps the streams, creeks and rivers flowing comes from the ground. The saturated soil provides necessary additional supply. Without surface water, wildlife cannot survive, let alone our endangered salmon and other fish.

These are just a few of the reasons we need to change the way we think about water supplies. We can make a significant difference. If every individual in this area showered for one minute less per day, the water saved would be in excess of 125,000,000 gallons in a single year!