Outage Updates

Now is the time for all of us to take stock in our preparedness plans and make sure we have the items on hand to make it easier to get through the winter.
For several emergency preparedness tips and important links, view our:

Emergency Preparedness Page


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You can report outages by PHONE or by TEXT once you are activated.
Help PenLight get your power back faster! Activating by phone or text takes less than a minute - and it gives us the information we need to respond faster if there’s a power outage.

Don’t Wait. Activate! Call or text to register today!

During an outage here’s how it works:

•  Your phone number is stored so we know who’s calling or texting
•  It tells us the location of the outage, helping crews to respond faster

Activate by phone - call 253.853.1388
Activate by text - text 'penlight' to 857-00

Looking for a new way to report your outage? Introducing OUTAGE TEXTING.

Using a new technology called “Outage Texting”, you can now report your outage using your cell phone. To opt-in, send a text to “857-00”. Type “penlight” in the message box, then hit SEND. Later to notify us of an outage, simply send a text to 857-00, and type “out” in the message box.

This new text option will ensure your outage is being reported without tying up the phone lines. If you need assistance call 253-857-5950.

Get prepared—be safe and aware.

To report an outage

Call: (253) 853-1388
Text: 857-00 (type 'out' once activated)