PenLight Power Reliability

Reliable Power. Reliable People.

The Operations Department is responsible for building, operating and maintaining the entire power distribution system for Peninsula Light Company. During the past five years of improvements, we've undergrounded 43.6 miles of overhead cable and replaced 51.9 miles of aging underground cable. We've also storm-proofed over 504,240 feet of cable. Our goal is to replace 7 miles of aging underground cable and 10 miles of overhead line per year. All of these improvements are made to ensure that our members are provided with the most reliable, consistent power possible. Our conversion of overhead lines to underground also helps beautify your neighborhoods.

Our Power Reliability program includes: Vegetation Management (controlling trees under the power lines), Conversion of Overhead Lines to Underground and Replacement of Aging Underground Cables , Overhead System Improvements, and Automated Outage Reporting Systems.

You may also find the information you need on the Operations Department FAQ page.

Power Reliability Technologies

Engineering Services and Operations work together to operate our Automated Outage Reporting System. Combined with SCADA and GIS, these systems alert us to outages as soon as they happen. The SCADA system allows us to remotely switch and reroute power in our service territory from our Peninsula Light facilities. The GIS mapping system, managed by Engineering Services, is also installed on service vehicle laptops, allowing service crews to quickly pinpoint outages and go correct them.