What is Power Sharing?

To help Fox Island residents conserve energy during peak periods of electrical usage, PenLight announces its participation in the NW Smart Grid Demonstration Grant Project with the US Department of Energy. One aspect of the grant is to install load controllers on electric water heaters in Fox Island homes to shift usage to times of lower demand. This conservation program is called Power Sharing. It is a two-way communication between PenLight and a controller that's attached to your water heater. Using our Smart Grid meter system, we can automatically coordinate participating homes to balance the supply and demand for electricity. Power Sharing will not affect your hot water supply. In fact, the effect is so small that we guarantee that you will not even notice!

How does it work?

In the homes of volunteer members, Power Sharing temporarily reduces electric service to water heaters for brief periods, typically for 15 minutes up to an hour per day. Power Sharing generally takes place during times of peak demand--the electric utility industry's equivalent of rush-hour traffic--when power costs are at their highest.

Power Sharing will be unnoticeable. And don't worry; you'll have plenty of hot water for all of your household needs!

Why should I Power Share?

Life on Fox Island is idyllic, but it has its challenges. Especially when serving our members with reliable electricity during winter storms, other events of nature and during peak power usage. That's why we're asking every resident to participate in Power Sharing.

By cycling large numbers of water heaters, your co-op can better manage the total amount of electricity flowing throughout its system. A little electricity saved in each home adds up to significant savings. This helps us reduce the stress on the submarine cable feeding power to Fox Island, keeps your rates down by reducing the need to buy expensive power on the wholesale market, and keeps you in hot water!

Sign up for Power Sharing below and get a $5 MONTHLY credit!
To learn more, call Peninsula Light Co. at (253) 857-5950.

Power Sharing Member Agreement

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Terms and Conditions

Whereas, Peninsula Light Company (PLC) is desirous of controlling its wholesale power demand costs; and
Whereas, PenLight seeks the assistance of its Members in order to assist in controlling demand costs; and
Whereas, the undersigned Member is desirous of participating in this program.
Now, therefore, in consideration of the terms and conditions.

  1. Member agrees to participate in PLC’s residential load control pilot program (Power Sharing).
  2. PLC agrees to have a licensed electrician install its load control equipment on member’s residential water heater(s) at no cost to member.
  3. The undersigned member understands and agrees that PLC will control the times at which member’s water heater(s) will turn on and off in order to better manage its demand cost.
  4. PLC agrees to use its best efforts to manage this load control equipment in such way as to cause minimal or no inconvenience to member
  5. PLC and member agree to cooperate in good faith in order to reduce PLC’s demand cost and to do so with minimal or no inconvenience to member.
  6. Member agrees to participate in the program for the shorter of: (i) five (5) years, or (ii) until member no longer uses electricity to power his/her water heater. Member agrees that unless the undersigned provides PLC with written notice of member’s desire to terminate this agreement that is shall automatically renew thereafter for an indefinite period unless canceled by member on 30 days notice to Peninsula.
  7. If the existing water heater fails, or member replaces its existing electric water heater with another electric hot water heater, member shall give notice to PenLight so that proper accommodations can be made to disconnect and reinstall load control device.
  8. Only members who own and reside in the location where the load control equipment is to be installed are eligible to participate in the load control pilot program. Member represents that he/she owns and resides in the property where the load control equipment will be installed under this agreement.
  9. Member’s failure to honor this agreement, including failure to make and honor appointments for installation or maintenance of equipment, may result in early termination of this agreement by Peninsula and the assessment of fees and installation charges.
  10. PenLight is the sole owner of the load control device.
  11. In the event a home’s electrical system is deemed hazardous, PenLight retains the right to not install a load control device

Member Information

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