Interested in Net Metering and Renewable Credit?

Peninsula Light Co. offers Net Metering and Renewable Credit to customers who wish to generate their own electricity with fuel cells or solar, wind or hydro powered electric systems of 100 kilowatts or less in generating capacity. The Net Metering Agreement must be signed and returned to PenLight in order to receive applicable credits.  The Net Metering Agreement is in the process of being updated.

Net Metering & Interconnection
Once Peninsula Light Co. reviews and approves a customer-owned electric generation system, net metering allows a customer to be connected to the utility's distribution system so that any excess electricity generated by a customer can be credited to the customer's bill at the same rate they are charged for electricity.

Renewable Credit
Current Washington State law provides a tax credit under the public utility excise tax to the local utility that serves a renewable resource self-generator, which is passed through to the self-generator. The way it works is that the self-generator must first interconnect to their local utility. The local utility then gets a tax credit against its public utility excise tax based on the amount of generation. The full amount of the tax credit is then passed through, dollar for dollar, to the customer. In order to receive any applicable credits you must apply with the Department of Revenue (DOR). Once the DOR approves and certifies your system you will then need to supply PenLight with the documentation. For more information visit the DOR, Washington State Legislature or call (800) 647-7706.

Renewable Credit Requirements (pdf)
Annual Incentive Payment Application (pdf)
Cost Recovery Certification (pdf)
Solar Electric System Design, Operation and Installation (pdf)

The Renewable Credit programs is available to members who are interested in generating their own renewable electricity and want to be connected to the utility's electrical system. Net Metering and Renewable Credit  apply to the following:

  1. Solar Systems
  2. Wind Systems
  3. Small Hydro Systems
  4. Fuel Cells
  5. Generating systems must be 100 kilowatts or less

Net Metering & Renewable Credit information packets are currently being updated. To request a packet after they are completed, call (253) 857-1548.

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